There is no boundary to the impact of lupus. Lupus is a global health problem that affects people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, genders and ages. Lupus can affect any part of the body in any way at any time, often with unpredictable and life-changing results. While lupus knows no boundaries, knowing all you can about lupus can help control its impact.


Events around the world to raise public awareness of lupus.


Resources to help you educate people about lupus.


Help make lupus a priority for the World Health Organization.

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New Global Survey

A new global survey reveals most people have serious misconceptions about lupus. Raising awareness of lupus and improving understanding of the challenges that people living with the disease face is an important goal of the new World Lupus Federation, a coalition of global lupus patients.

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Since 2004, lupus organizations around the globe have conducted activities on May 10 to raise awareness and educate the public about the symptoms and health effects of lupus.

What Others Are Saying About World Lupus Day

A welcome step towards raising awareness of this difficult to diagnose, uncommon, often invisible and unpredictable disease.

Chris Maker, Director, Lupus UK

Through this effort, much needed awareness will come about to give lupus the recognition and understanding it deserves and needs.

Tanya Carlton, Volunteer VP,
Lupus Canada

World Lupus Day helps create awareness, raise a voice for people with lupus, and equip countries to better serve people with lupus globally.

Ayu Bisono, Yayasan Lupus Indonesia