Awareness Tool Kit

Social Media Message Sharing

Share messages on your social media channels to educate family members and friends about the impact lupus has on millions of lives around the world. Help generate more than 110-million messages about lupus on World Lupus Day.

Use this link to download images of pre-sized and pre-formatted messages and post facts about lupus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You also can post your own messages, too.

Please add the hashtags #WorldLupusDay and #LupusAwareness to your posts.


Full Page Flyer | Half Page Flyer

Download Symptoms Checklist

World Lupus Day logo with May 10 date
Grayscale logos | Color logos

World Lupus Day logo without date
Grayscale logos | Color logos

Media Letter | Lupus Fact Sheet | Media Release

Proclamation | Government Leader Letter

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