Lupus Awareness Tool Kit

This year for World Lupus Day on May 10, 2023 the global lupus community will come together for a day of action that will consist of several activities designed to “Make Lupus Visible” so that the world can learn more about this debilitating disease and join us in the fight against lupus.

Awareness & Advocacy Tools

Take action NOW and in the weeks before World Lupus Day by using the tools and materials below so that we can bring as much attention as possible to World Lupus Day on May 10.

Media Letter | Lupus Fact Sheet

Proclamation | Government Leader Letter

Download Symptoms Checklist

World Lupus Day logo with May 10 date
Grayscale logos | Color logos

World Lupus Day logo without date
Grayscale logos | Color logos

On World Lupus Day – May 10, 2023

There will be several lupus awareness activities happening on World Lupus Day that YOU can participate in, including:

  • Participate in the World Lupus Day social media campaign – details to come soon!
  • Wear your favorite purple items on May 10 to raise awareness;
  • Make a statement by lighting up a significant landmark, monument or building to be illuminated on World Lupus Day in the color purple in your city;
  • Share our “lupus facts” images on social media (Coming soon).

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